My name is Alecia Cumberworth.  My first child was born via a medicated birth in a hospital. While it was an amazing and positive experience, I left feeling there was something more to birth and feeling disappointment that I had not been able to achieve my goal of a natural birth. There my passion began. My second was born at a birth center with a midwife. I did it! I had my natural birth, and my passion for birth only grew from there. I have since birthed at home with a midwife as well, which became my favorite experience. I have over nine years experience breastfeeding my children. I have seen firsthand how much of a difference education can make for preparing for birth. I’ve experienced multiple locations, care providers, and utilized multiple positions for birth. Every birth, just like every woman, is unique. My goal is to help every couple achieve their goal. An amazing birth is not only possible, it is amazing, empowering, and beautiful! You CAN have an AMAZING birth!